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FLEXiU is the all-encompassing tool to help make what can be a complicated working environment, simple. Whether you have staff on-call, out of the office, doing part-time hours or someone who works in various locations, FLEXiU helps you manage this.

Flexible working is currently being adopted around the world.To prepare for this though, organisations and its employees need the right tools to enable this to happen effectively. There is nothing worse than introducing a great initiative which fails to become a success due to frustrations occuring. Whether its people not finding a hot-desk, unable to reach someone in the event of an emergency or simply just knowing who is meant to be where, when… by using FLEXiU, these risks and frustrations can be alleviated.

Get in touch with us to discuss your business needs. Everyone has different requirements so just as our name states, we are flexible too, amending the app to suit your needs.

FLEXiU is for organisations who promote flexibility at work whilst remaining efficient. In addition, those organisations who make Health & Safety a key priority in particular with staff management.

FLEXiU is best suited for companies who have people working at different locations and times, to have a common platform of communication and information through their mobile.

Its simplicity of design and use makes it suitable for all level of management and staff.

Organisations can introduce FLEXiU to help with staff management, cover H&S needs and enable better efficiency. Employees can get on board with using FLEXiU to help maximise flexible working lifestyle, stay safe and know where their teammates are when they need them.

Following research, and the creators of the FLEXi U app themselves being involved in flexible working programmes, the frustrations and benefits have both been met.

A successful trial of the app in a local government organisation helped to truly define the app and ensure it covers all potential needs. An example of this was following the H&S reformat in New Zealand in April 2016, there is a further requirement to help keep staff safe. When introducing flexible working, this can cause concerns from the required quota of fire wardens and first aiders within the office building, as well as keeping lone-workers safe. FLEXiU helps manage all of this so you know you and your teams are safe.

Not only that, but if you are out-of-the-office and you cannot simply access your organisation chart, you may not always know who else you can contact (especially in a large organisation) if you fail to get hold of someone. FLEXiU caters for this so instantly you can access staff links to get the answers you need quickly.

FLEXiU really is that one tool to support all angles of flexible working, and by that we don’t just mean as a staff benefit, but also those who work shift patterns such as hospital staff, constructions workers out on-sites or those in vulnerable areas working alone…FLEXiU has YOU covered.

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UDO – Our Story

UDO Limited operates out of Auckland, priding ourselves on our diverse portfolio. We believe that keeping things simple is the key to efficiency and productivity. Our experience and expertise are in the fields of technical innovation, coaching, training, business planning and project management.

Our flagship project is the development of the first of its kind mobile application, FLEXiU to serve the needs for flexible working. FLEXiU is a tool to plan and work around the varied needs of people, both employees and employers alike.

Contact us today to discuss your vision. We look forward to working with you.

The Team


If you are wondering who came up with this fantastic idea of FLEXiU…well that would be me. After struggling to keep track of my team once flexible working had been introduced within the organisation I was working for, ideas started to unfold. I wanted to fully support the initiative as I think it is great for both employees and companies alike, but I found myself faced with challenges such as calling people on their days off or not knowing who to contact when.More...

I thought there had to be a better way of managing this. It occurred to me no matter where people are these days whether out on-site, working from home, in a meeting and so on, the one item we always have on us is our mobile phones, hence FLEXiU evolved.

With my previous experience as a software trainer, and my interest in evolving technology, I knew I had to create something user-friendly and customisable. After a varied career managing teams, I took my experiences to create a product I believe that fulfils the need to turn what can be a complicated working environment with people here, there and everywhere, to something manageable. Flexible working is fantastic…as long as you have the right tools to support it!

In addition to my varied career, I have been involved in projects around the world from helping to set up a school in a rural village of Cambodia, to restructuring entire departments. I believe from my multitude of experiences both professionally and personally, I can help you understand peoples wants and needs and target these effectively. Therefore, I can not only help with flexible working, but also staff coaching and career management.


As the other business half of UDo Ltd, Debajeet, I got involved after working in the same organisation as Rachael. One day she was asking if I knew any good software programmers due to this idea she had come up with. Being involved in flexible working at the time, I knew Rachael was onto something and suggested we team up. We did not look back after that, putting our team together and drove the concept forward.  More...

I would say I deal with the details whilst Rachael looks after the Bigger Picture. Our skills and outlooks complement one another well.  As for my background, I qualified in transport planning, in Delhi, and have worked in both the private and public sectors in India and Bahrain, and now New Zealand.

My most valuable experience was as a planner for India’s biggest company. It taught me what employers want and need. I have used this knowledge to refine FLEXiU, to make it as easy to use and comprehensive as possible.

I am now the father of a two-year-old son, so a big fan of flexible working. It means I can pick my son up from kindy whilst balancing business needs.

Both Rachael and I have varied experiences and know the frustrations that occur if you don’t use technology to support the roll-out of flexible working. Our local government trial of the app really helped develop the key requirements of the product and we now know we have a product that is valuable to anyone introducing or supports flexible working within their organisation.

The Group

Here is the full development team. (From Left to Right).  Arun, Jeph, Debajeet, Rachael, Ting and Jati.


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